Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just me and a little bit about the project

Just me by The Shutterbug Eye™
Just me, a photo by The Shutterbug Eye™ on Flickr.

This last year of my thirties I would be lying if I said I didn't care that forty was right around the corner. To me forty meant old, boring, middle aged and all of that less than fun stuff. It meant mid-aged spread and needing to dress like an adult lest you look like that fool in midlife crisis mode.

Two days from now, not even as it's night while I write this, I turn 40. Friday, January 6. Rather than retreat, I thought it would be fun to do a self portrait project and document it. I also have a goal to take more pictures so these work well together.

My thirties have been good to me. I've upgraded my day job twice, taking on a whole new career and I rediscovered photography and now am selling photographs, have been published in an indie art magazine and have my work going in swag bags at the gift lounge before the Academy Awards (Oscars). I can only begin to dream what opportunities this next decade will bring.

So I'd be honored if you join me through this year. And if you have your own 52 week project or 365 project, self portraits or not, let me know as I'd love to keep tabs on your work. I also hope to add some links to other photo projects.

To conclude, Happy New Year and may 2012 be a fantastic year for everyone!


  1. Hey Diane,
    Best wishes with this, you are very brave to photograph yourself every day for a year. I'll drop by here whenever I can; looking forward to seeing what great images you create.

    I'm doing a 52-week project which I will try to post to my blog Monday or Tuesday each week. I did my first one this week. Would love to have you drop by if you have a chance:

    Peace and best wishes, Judi

  2. Oh, and happy birthday tomorrow! xoxo

  3. Thanks for stopping by and for the birthday wishes!! :-)
    I'm only committing to 52 so one a week. I will post more than that but that is my commitment and I joined a 52 week group in Flickr that will give me themes so I haven't started that part yet. My first post for that will be monday and those images I'll label with a number (ie. 01 of 52). :-) 365 is more than I'd ever be able to do!