Monday, January 23, 2012

Through their eyes

Week 3 of 52
Theme: Indirect
from the Flickr group Me Again Monday

The theme this week was indirect and I had several ideas that didn't pan out, on top of being sick all week. Finally I remembered a photo I took a year, two years ago of my son's eye. I was playing around with the macro lens. I was in the picture.

So I photographed my shadow in the eye of my son (top photo), in the eye of his cat Tippy (bottom left) and in the eyes of my cat Lucky (bottom right).

The photo is of their eyes but I am indirectly in the picture.

Have a great week!

The 52 week project is being incorporated into a more general self portrait project for the 40th Year of my life at Hello Forty. I am also posting my self portraits in the group {in the picture} on flickr.

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  1. i see your tiny shadow in all those eyes! great job.