Sunday, February 5, 2012

iPhone self

iPhone self by The Shutterbug Eye™
iPhone self, a photo by The Shutterbug Eye™ on Flickr.

I am struggling with either using this as my week 5 photo for the theme black and white or taking another photo to use for that. Either way, this is a quick iPhone portrait I took of myself. Yep, a long arm or maybe a short arm.

I did all of the editing on my phone using various apps, 3 to be exact, and then posted it to the internet from my phone.

On an entirely different subject - Who are you rooting for in today's Super Bowl? None of my teams are playing so I'm not really on one side or another.

Via Flickr:
I trimmed my bangs today. I took this with my iPhone. I also edited this with my iPhone.

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