Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blue is my color

Blue is my color.  It may not be my favorite color but it is the color I look best in. Blue has never been a big part of my fashion repertoire.  I wore black, I wore brown, I wore pink and red, purples and greens but not much blue.  Recently having photographed myself in many colors, including blue, I have concluded that it is the one color that universally makes me look good.  My skin brightens up.  I shine.  It's true no matter what my hair color is.  I can go back in time and I look great in blue with red hair, brown hair, black hair, auburn hair, it doesn't matter.  So I am resigning myself to blue.  I bought two blue shirts recently in fact.  When you find your color, wear it!

What is your color?  Do you know?  Is it a color you like?  Feel free to share your color in the comments!

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