Monday, April 30, 2012

17 of 52 A Day in the Life

Via Flickr:
The theme this week was "A day in the life". I found this hard to do in one photo so I did a collage of photos.

The larger photo I took this weekend as part of a practice in headshots. It is what I look like everyday, at least Monday through Friday when I go to work. I always have my glasses on, even though I don't wear them much in my self portraits. I work in an office with a "professional dress" code.

The smaller photos were taken with my phone and represetn my daily life. They are as follows:
Upper right: me with my cat first thing in the morning, waking up.
Middle right: Metra train pulling into the station while I wait on my commuter train to take me into the city.
Bottom right: My son goofing around on a drive.
Bottom center: The view from my office window. This is what I see when I look out the window at work.
Bottom left: Me casual, sunglasses on. My obligitory, in the car, just got my hair cut shot.

So that sums it up about me.

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