Monday, January 14, 2013

52 of 52: Forty, a year in reflection

Via Flickr:
This is my week 52 photograph of my 52 week self portrait project celebrating my fortieth year on this planet The image was taken in the vault at the Chicago Photography Center and is a simple mirror reflection. Having finished 52 weeks of self portraits, I felt it good to reflect on the year and all I've accomplished, the ups the downs and the in betweens.

From a photography standpoint I have done a lot. I became a member of the Chicago Photography Center early in the year; took a film bootcamp class and a class about being in an exhibit. The later ended in an exhibit of the Dubious Quintette where I had six images on display, two of which sold. After that I was invited to help curate the Tattoo II show, on exhibit now. In November I was voted onto the board of directors and now serve as treasurer.

My photos have been in two exhibits; the Dubious Quintette and the current Tattoo II. I also continued to sell on Etsy and had a few portrait sessions. Not only that, I was also active with The Artisan Group and had my work included in celebrity gift bags at gifting events preceding the Academy Awards, the MTV Movie Awards and the Primetime Emmys. At the Primetime Emmys I also got some great celebrity photos to boot. These events resulted in features in my local paper and Chicago Magazine online.

One of my goals involved being published and I achieved that with photos included in two issues of 5x5 Magazine; a few issues of the fPOE Collective, which I help edit; and jtwice in the online magazine F-Stop Magazine.

On a sadder note, I lost my father. I will miss him and forever remember him as the one who inspired my first interest in photography a long long time ago. Thanks Dad.

Moving forward, I hope to photograph more, stress less about the small stuff and enjoy life. My next 52 week project is titled "a moment in time" and I am sharing that on Flickr and my blogspot blog "My World Through Photography". It will feature weekly shots from my office window.

Have a fantastic 2013!!! I will continue to share my self portraits here, even though year 40 is behind me. It will not be in a structured 52 week project type of format though.


  1. I love love love this blog. Although it's ridiculous and not relevant to most of us. You are hipsterish, good looking, artsy, interesting, not much on the ephemeral side. We need a blog of someone who is dowdy, saggy, wrinkled, with massive pores, unfashionable, with diminished prospects of all sorts but is happy none the less.

  2. Thanks Tracy. I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Maybe my next blog should feature me without makeup and no photoshop. :-)

  3. A great idea!! Lots of success to you Diane

  4. Thank you Karen! I appreciate your comment.