Friday, January 25, 2013

Beyond Self

I have to say that I can't believe the press this project has received.  The Daily Mail, wow!!!  But I thought I'd share a little beyond the self portraits.

The little picture to the left is me when I was in kindergarten with my dad and my first cat Sugar.  I still love and own cats today.  Sugar wasn't the first animal I lived with, we had a Sheepdog named Samantha, but sugar was the first pet that was mine.  I pulled this photo out this summer after my Dad lost his battle with terminal cancer.  It reminds me of happy times spent with him.

I still have cats, two to be precise.  Here they both are.  They are one of my favorite photographic subjects.  I also am married with one son but I respect their desire not to be photographed.

I also photograph a lot of other subjects.  Nature is one of my favorite and here are a few photos to share.

In Branches - this image was on exhibit over the summer at The Chicago Photography Center and it was on display with The Artisan Group at the GBK Primetime Emmys gift lounge.

Monarch Portrait - this image is published in the current issue of 5x5 Magazine, 
a fantastic photography magazine that started in 2012.

Abstract Lavender - a painterly abstract nature photograph

I hope this offers a little more insight into me and my work.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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